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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Homesick and the Summer report.

Approaching the 3rd year anniversary of the school and it's time to reflect.

Have approx: 97 students and will soon be trimming that down a bit. This week I will start informing some adults that I will discontinue their classes soon. Its not fun teaching adults unless they are also teachers. I am in control of my happiness so that is the way "that" goes.
I have seen alot of other School websites and forums and it seems these people are consumed with getting new students or chasing the latest "wonder tool" in the English teaching world. Have a drink and relax....stop trying to re-invent the wheel!

I miss Hawaii...ALOT!!

The blog has guided me torwards HTML/XML and Java script editing and it is alot of fun. I am "averaging" 1000 views a month and I'm not selling a thing!! Mahalo to everyone who visits and please be patient as it is a work in progress.

In summary:
Me: Homesick
School: Strong....getting stronger!
Blog: Good....getting better!

( any grammatical errors were done on purpose...gggggramar nnnnnazis!! )