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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cloning in Japan?? is it legal?

If I could clone all my Saturday classes.....My week would be a touch easier. The J.H. students. ( not pictured due to shyness ) are moving so fast that my adult lessons are not enough anymore. I have heard that the ability to obtain/retain a second language becomes 50% more difficult after the age of 11/12. Due to the maturation of that part of the brain.

I 100% believe that because I see the proof on a daily basis. 7-18yr olds move at a blazing pace that adults cannot match. I get little satisfaction when teaching adults who enjoy English as a "hobby". I had a class ask me to stop administering tests to them. It was too difficult. They want to "relax and enjoy".


I'm a teacher and um.....yeah... this is a school.

I have several teachers who study with me and that will continue since I have alot of respect for them. But the days of me going through this:

Me: So what did you do Yesterday?

Student: ( 10 second pause.. followed by blank stare.. followed by): Not much.

**Crickets Chirping**

Oh yeah....
That stuff is about to come to a crashing halt.

So kids and teachers SAFE!!
The rest...OUUUUTT!!

(EDIT) Just realized how crappy that last pic is? I definitely need to read my cameras manual