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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tha "grindz" report

Just found out that the "Island Manapua Factory" in Manoa Valley near my Hawaii home has just been sold by the Lee family. This is the best plate lunch on the island and the sale makes me nervous? Anyone been there recently? anything changed? The picture of the plate is one I took last June. They got the best Oyster sauce chicken and Lemon chicken around. I hope they don't change anything over there!!

I miss Hawaii!!

Homesick and the Summer report.

Approaching the 3rd year anniversary of the school and it's time to reflect.

Have approx: 97 students and will soon be trimming that down a bit. This week I will start informing some adults that I will discontinue their classes soon. Its not fun teaching adults unless they are also teachers. I am in control of my happiness so that is the way "that" goes.
I have seen alot of other School websites and forums and it seems these people are consumed with getting new students or chasing the latest "wonder tool" in the English teaching world. Have a drink and relax....stop trying to re-invent the wheel!

I miss Hawaii...ALOT!!

The blog has guided me torwards HTML/XML and Java script editing and it is alot of fun. I am "averaging" 1000 views a month and I'm not selling a thing!! Mahalo to everyone who visits and please be patient as it is a work in progress.

In summary:
Me: Homesick
School: Strong....getting stronger!
Blog: Good....getting better!

( any grammatical errors were done on purpose...gggggramar nnnnnazis!! )

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Easy Day!!

A lot of the students were absent today. Summer vacation tends to have that effect. So we just reviewed because starting anything new would be ...well....not good since I'll have to do it again in September. This is the time of year when the new students get a little extra time to catch up with the rest of the kids.

I love this weather!! I'll take this over a cold cloudy day anytime!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer in Full Force!!

This is my youngest class. ( 2 are absent because of heat sickness)
I think this will someday be my best class. They are extremely smart kids and they are learning as fast or faster than any class I've taught before.

On another note...

What was life like before the Air conditioner was invented?? I'm glad I don't know!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Air-Con workin' overtime!!

So I stroll out of my air conditioned classroom and go down stairs to meet the next class and think "!!" and they were thinking?? well look at the pick.
Personally I imagine they were saying "Damn!!! teacher is a ____ing moron!!" or maybe " Hey's 97 degrees...think we might get a bit of that air-con?? Ya think??"

Of course they put up with my dumb request and had a great class.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

American Football

Just doin' my part to teach the "King of all Sports" to the kids in my little neck of the woods. They release too low because they play baseball everyday. Got some sun on my face and threw the football......THATS a good day!!


Back in April I was doin' (5) 3min rounds 4x a week on this thing and feelin' like a champ. I figured once the summer came with the 90's heat it would be no sweat!


I'm lucky if I can put in (5) 1min rounds. The heat is killa'z!! That said...

EVERLAST makes a good bag. It cost more to ship($190.00) than the bag itself ($165.00). I would do it again in a second, since its the smartest money I've spent in a while. I'm just lookin' forward to September when I can start putting rounds on this thing again!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cloning in Japan?? is it legal?

If I could clone all my Saturday classes.....My week would be a touch easier. The J.H. students. ( not pictured due to shyness ) are moving so fast that my adult lessons are not enough anymore. I have heard that the ability to obtain/retain a second language becomes 50% more difficult after the age of 11/12. Due to the maturation of that part of the brain.

I 100% believe that because I see the proof on a daily basis. 7-18yr olds move at a blazing pace that adults cannot match. I get little satisfaction when teaching adults who enjoy English as a "hobby". I had a class ask me to stop administering tests to them. It was too difficult. They want to "relax and enjoy".


I'm a teacher and um.....yeah... this is a school.

I have several teachers who study with me and that will continue since I have alot of respect for them. But the days of me going through this:

Me: So what did you do Yesterday?

Student: ( 10 second pause.. followed by blank stare.. followed by): Not much.

**Crickets Chirping**

Oh yeah....
That stuff is about to come to a crashing halt.

So kids and teachers SAFE!!
The rest...OUUUUTT!!

(EDIT) Just realized how crappy that last pic is? I definitely need to read my cameras manual

Friday, July 20, 2007

Summer **cough** Vacation

Honestly I don't like August. A lot of the students are absent so September turns into a "review" month. I go to Hawaii 2x a year so I don't need a vacation myself and besides that everyone else and their mother is cramming the freeway thanks!

I'll just have a few BBQ's, prepare some new lesson plans and wait for "School season" to begin again.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer party!!

Ma halo's

After 3 weeks of rain the first beautiful day was the day of the party.And the day after was rainy again. I think my karma is spinning proper right now. Thanks to any divine intervention that helped make that possible. Thanks to Mr Wakimura, The Igami family the Hawaii entertainers and the host Hiroyo and to everyone that helped with making it a fun time

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Storm troopers .

These 2 are true "storm troopers", they are the only 2 of a 6 kid class that came today because of the storm. I appreciate the effort the parents make to get them here.

The storm the storm?? I will wait till tonight to make a final decision.

(EDIT) Saturday 1:37PM

I have never followed a storm so closely in my life but I am now watching 3 seperate Typhoon tracking sites. I was wondering how they (computer) model these predicted paths?? Well after staring at these animated sat feeds it gets rather clear. You can see the incoming (west>>east) fronts. I can see the one over Korea pushing the typhoon east.

If it is in-fact like that? It looks like when this thing hits the southern tip of Shikoku Island it "should" start going east rapidly..?? So I am waiting till 9am Sunday (a.k.a) the last minute before this is decided.

Back to you bob!!

That was Chris with the local weather..thanks Chris!

In local news...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

What is it?

It's an "Aura Checker".

It will check your "Aura" for the day and has 8 colors and beeps and other sounds to tell you what you should and should'nt do today. I got it from Yumie as a Birthday present today. It is VERY COOL!! and the kids get a big kick out of it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"The O.G's"

These kids are great. 2 of them ( far left/far right) were my first students back when I was teaching in my living room 3 years ago. I then opened my school and made it like a living room because my friend was doing that and it looked real cool. I don't like desks because I get flashbacks of when I was in school and that's not cool.

The students like the sit down style and I do to. So in today's class I started them on the 20 Q's game. Is it, Does it, Can it, Can I etc.. . I want to work on their question asking skills for the next few months and this game is great for that.

Christmas in July!!

5500g of Pork lovin' (bone/in), My favorite cologne and 2 juicy steaks. When my student asked me what my favorite cologne was I never thought it would become a birthday gift.
The pork will go to the party and the steaks will be consumed tonight! While a simple "happy birthday" is more than enough, getting gifts is very cool.
Big Mahalo's!!

The Snoopy goods were a gift from Chikako. Thank you!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ending the week on a high note again......thanks to the "Saturday Crew" and lookin' at the final days before the party. I always wait till the last minute to do things which means it will be a BUSY week!! I will probably add more to this post later but I'm starving right now so this is the ..

It's looking like the final party count will be about 90. The menu will be Cheeseburgers, chicken, 2 whole pig legs (they are BIG), sausage and salad ect. Then we will pull the fishing nets in and grill/sashimi all the sea life we catch. There will be live Hawaiian entertainment and games and swimming.

See you there.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

10 days till....

....the BBQ party!! Its going to be a blast....rain or shine!! This week is flying by and all the students are doing great. I hope to see everyone at the party. As of today 81 people will attend the party and we'll have Hula and live Hawaiian music and all kindz of grindz!!. Su weeeet!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

July's Top 10

This list is getting harder and harder to make. It is motivating everyone and I am feeling the pressure to be fair and accurate. My school is not a "every ones a winner" type school. The ones who are the best will be acknowledged as such and the others will be told to follow their example. I have never and will never get on someone because they "don't get it". I'm a teacher and my job is to help them get it.

If they are not "trying" to get it or giving me a half assed effort? Well then I'm all over them. Anyway those are my top 10 (above pic) and I'm proud of them all!!